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About KPassionate

Hi, I’m KP! A marine biologist and animal behavior expert with a decade of experience in the field. But being a marine biologist isn't just working with amazing animals like walruses, sea lions, and sea otters. It’s also about people. Everyone who sees a sea otter or beluga whale up close ends up forming some sort of connection to them. It’s my job to build on that connection and use it to educate people about these wonderful animals and the fragile ecosystems they call home.

This all changed during the pandemic when many facilities and resources were closed.

So I started streaming on Twitch in October of 2020 as a way to fill that void. Soon, I discovered a community of people who share my passions for animals and the environment. Every show is different! Sometimes we break down viral animal videos or discuss the latest animal news. We also play community games and host zoological AMAs.

KP wades in the water and supports a rescued harbor porpoise, named Jack, who was too injured to swim on his own at the time.

KPassionate grew beyond my wildest dreams. Within a year, I was not only a Partner on Twitch and YouTube, but even had one of my viral videos named the #1 TikTok That Made People Smile in 2021. More importantly, I used this following to raise over $35,000 for organizations dedicated to ocean conservation!

Join me to learn more!

I also started filming and producing YouTube videos that are primarily focused on educating people about different marine life and the interplay between conservation and climate change. For example, my 'Deeper Dive' series has explored how sea otters are red/green colorblind, the logistics of marine mammal rescue, and how reintroducing sea otters to their historic range can help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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